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next? damascus, the embassies of the u.s. and france come under attack by supporters of the syrian regime. and he is cute, but he is also fast. meet the world's champion buddy hopper -- bunny hopper. eurozone finance ministers have been discussing options for resolving recent ongoing -- greece's ongoing debt crisis as a u.s. rating agencies claim there's no threat of default in the eurozone goes the third largest economy, italy. angela merkel called on the parliament in rome to respond by approving spending cuts, but so far, the italian government and lawmakers have yet to agree on a common way forward. suddenly, this man is in the sights of the markets. the italian finance minister. he has long been seen as an anchor of stability in the government, but a corruption scandal around a close adviser and disputes with cabinet colleagues have thrown his future in doubt. now investors are worried his latest austerity plan will not get through parliament, and those worries are driving up italy's borrowing costs. berlin is trying to calm things down. >> i have great confidence that the ita
. >> lehrer: we get the latest on new clashes in syria from npr's deborah amos in damascus. >> the president wants to have a national dialogue, he says on july 10th. this group says nada, we are not your partners until the violence stops on the streets. >> brown: paul solman talks to the authors of a provocative new book on how fannie mae's push- for-profits helped pump up the housing bubble. >> if you are trying to enrich yourself, increase your profits, which fannie mae was absolutely determined to do then that becomes a per version of home ownership. >> lehrer: mark shields and michael gerson analyze the week's news. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> well, the best companies are driven by new ideas. >> our future depends on new ideas. we spend billions on advanced technologies. >> it's all about investing in the future. >> we can find new energy-- more cleaner, safer and smarter. >> collaborating with the best in the field. >> chevron works with the smartest people at leading universities and tech companies. >> and yet, it'
build great cities like casa blogging, baghdad, cairo, jerusalem, damascus -- casa blanca. we are the people of the world who have given the world great profits and religions. -- great prophets and religions. thank you. [applause] >> every year that i have been in city hall, i have tried to take an intern from the community and try to teach them the ways of politics to make sure we have leadership that keeps coming, so eventually, we have candidates for office. like when a friend on the school board. is she here? -- like winifred on the school board. a couple of years back, i was wise enough to bring on an intern that has made all the difference for our community, especially with arab heritage month. he worked so hard for last year's event and has made this year a success. we were really concerned about timing, and we were not sure he would get to it, and shadi came to me and said that we had to do it, had to continue the tradition. without his work, this never would have happened. shadi, can i introduce you and have you say a few words? >> thank you, everyone, for being here.
al assad for attacking the french embassy in damascus. the attack left three french workers injured. supporters of assad stormed the french and u.s. embassies on monday. rioters damaged the french ambassador's car and broke embassy windows. the french foreign ministry criticized the security forces for improperly dealing with the attack and ignoring obligations under international law. french prime minister francois fillon said in a radio program on tuesday that president assad had gone way beyond the limit. fillon said france and other european countries are calling for the u.n. security council to adopt a resolution denouncing assad. on tuesday all 15 members of the u.n. security council approved a statement that condemns the attacks against the u.s. and french embassies in damascus. >>> u.n. women is an organization launched in january and released its first report on july 6th, focusing on violence against women. the report says that worldwide surveys show 90% of the cases of violence against women are not reported to the police. with reports from brazil and vietnam, we show why
demonstration in damascus. the bbc has been given this footage which shows what happens to protesters. we cannot verify this but it appears regime to thugs threatened and be those who wanted change. this is now a fight for their future and in a country that is a fragile mix of race and religion, it is also a battle for the shape of this region. this arab revolution is going to be a long and bloody struggle for freedom. >> joining me now to discuss the canoeing -- continuing crackdown, the u.s. ambassador to syria. we saw in that report one soldier deserting but many still stay loyal to the president. a stalemate seems to be going on for several months now. protests and brutal crackdown. what is going to break it? >> it could continue as it is for some time because -- billing >> is that sustainable? >> it could be. on the one hand the syrian people who choose to come out and demonstrate are showing great courage and resiliency far beyond what anyone expected and on the other hand, intelligence units are composed of a minority sect to which the president of syria belongs and they are fearful of wh
in several other cities. here we have this report from damascus. >> people chant for the sake of god and we walk. people want the downfall of the regime. hear, the city that has witnessed the biggest conflict across the country, people have determined to they want the regime out. thousands of people took to the streets and decided that silence is killing us. -- here is a different scene. police used teargas to disperse protesters. this is it in a town that is a suburb of damascus. today, it blamed the past -- a blast for sabotage. using heavy helicopters where people were killed in the early hours of morning by security forces. they want to crack down on protests and it seems -- it does not seem to be stopping people from celebrating their freedom. >> tens of thousands of demonstrators filled tire squareta -- tahrir square. some leaders were instigators. some want an islamic state. still to come, find out what has changed since caster has taken power in cuba. -- castro has taken power in cuba. and a plane crash that happened years ago highlighted a number of errors made by a pilot. the plan
with the regime. now, the testimony of what that means. this is a soldier from damascus. he deserted after being given an order he could not follow. he was given a gun and live ammunition and told to shoot unarmed protesters. look at this demonstration in damascus. the bbc has been given this footage which shows what happens to those who protest. it appears that the floods -- the thugs beat those who want to change. this is now a fight for their future. this is a battle for the shape of this region. this revolution is going to be a long bloody struggle for their freedom. >> some breaking news now, standard and poor's has said that could downgrade america's debt rating but the u.s. treasury is forced to prioritize their payments. the aaa rating is the best possible but that has come into question in the recent days. they's said that if congress fails to act, the rating could slip. this is "bbc news," still ahead. india on high alert. security has intensified after the bomb attack. now to afghanistan where five people were killed today in a blast inside of a mosque. the attack was carried out by a
the country calling on president assad to step down. from damascus, kwleen reports. >> hysteria, some of the biggest since demonstrations began in march. these pictures show hundreds of thousands of people in hamas. it is the city where 10,000 people were killed after the regime brutally suppressed an uprising in 1982. they are unafraid to defy their rulers. activists say at least 3 million participated nationwide in demonstrations today, a figure that is impossible to verify. but what is certain is large scale protests are taking place. these pictures from the city show crowds of demonstrators. similar scenes, the country's second city. and in the capital damascus, too. more cause for president assad to leave. protests have been mostly peaceful today after mounting pressure on the regime to stop using violence against its people. but in homes at the center of the anti-government unrest, truth opened fire. many people are believed to have been killed. washington says it's not convinced the regime is serious about change. >> they are either going to allow a serious political process th
testimony of what that may -- what that means. this is a soldier from damascus. the deserted after being given an order he could not follow. >> he was given a gun and ammunition and told to shoot protestors in their leg. >> look it is rare demonstration in damascus. the bbc has been given this footage, which shows what happens to those who protest. we cannot verify this, but it appears raging floods the of those who want change. -- raging thugs beath those who want change. it is a battle that has shaken this region. this arab revolution will be a long, bloody struggle. quite the united nations general assembly has voted to allow newly independent south sudan as is one of the tiny third member. -- 193 member. developments in a satellite monitoring group has released images that say they are evidence of mass graves. the satellite sentinel project says evidence and i wish as -- eyewitness reports say that the greatest contain hundreds of bodies. this is a bbc news. still ahead, in the on high alert. security is intensified in mumbai after a coordinated bomb attack. >> now to afghanistan or
. richard, what's the layest from? >> we just spoke to witnesses in damasc damascus. they said something several supporters of the president attacked the u.s. embassy in damascus. they threw stones, they threw eggs and tomatoes, they broke a few windows, apparently. there were two attacks, one on the u.s. embassy in damascus. the other on the french embassy in damascus. the protesters managed to write gra fee tee on the u.s. embassy wall webs calling the american ambassador a dog. the attacks on the french and u.s. embassy were triggered after both the american and french ambassador visited the city of hamah on friday. the city of hamah has seen some major anti-government demonstrationes and these two ambassadors went to hamah to effectively show solidarity with the protesters. on the u.s. embassy's web page, ambassador robert ford, he wrote on his website that he called it, quote, ironic that the syrian government will allow freely anti-american demonstrations to take place while security thugs, to use his words, crack down on peaceful demonstrations taking place in other parts of the c
has lot credibility. monday's attacks on both countries' embassies in damascus. here's syria's ambassador to the united nations. >> describing what happened in damascus as mobs attacks is very indicative of the real intentions of these two countries against my government. >> syria's government says it's pursuing a national dialogue with its opponents despite what it calls, quote, flagrant interference from the united states and others. ar wa dwa damon is in damascus. let's deal with this dustup. is syria saying they don't care about the debate in the unit or is there a sense that increased international isolation could be a problem? >> syria isn't quite used to being at the receiving end of brunt criticism from the united states and also from western nations. this is not the first time that it has been seeing itself in a spot of isolation when it comes at least to the west, but syria also realizes that it does not necessarily need to rely on the west or on the united states to be able to survive. it still has strong alliances with countries like russia and china and also has
's the breaking news now and fox news alert out of damascus, syria, reports that reuters and other news agencies, protestors loyal to government have attacked a u.s. embassy compound, entering that compound, do not know if they ever made it inside, but at one point, setting up a syrian flag on the property. loyalists trying to break off from the french embassy earlier, all this comes as the regime supporters protested outside both embassies for a third straight day. so we knew they were there, and we knew there was a possibility they'd be coming even more. the u.s. and french ambassadors angered the syrian government last week when they visited a flashpoint town in syria, these protests have been going on for four-months now in syria, reports say at least 1200 have been killed by the government. we're watching this story now. it is breaking news out of damascus in the middle east. heather. heather: in the meantime, there is this, drivers getting a relief at the pump, gas dropping 1 cents over the past two weeks, the national average for regular gasoline, 3.62 a gallon. let's take a look now at h
as the movements of the cnn team are still liid. we witnessed it firsthand, though. take a look. the damascus suburb of duma, amateur video from last april. tear gas in the air, the sound of gunshots. a man injured carried down the street. a few weeks later, this scene. cnn was taken to the same street with government miners. there were armed gangs, people told us, vandals. not peaceful demonstrators. then away from the camera a young man sweeps past me, slips a folded piece of paper in my hand. it's my e-mail, he says. they're lying to you. they cleared the neighborhood for your benefit. he then disappeared. for the next few days we e-mailed him. we will call him zaid, not his real name. he's too afraid to meet us for n now. he wants to be sure we're not being followed. days later we agreed to speak in person in a public place. we're not showing his face for his own security. >> every friday there is more than 5,000 security guys, not just the security guys it's guns, regime guns and army. they are -- all of them are armed. they have guns and every friday they are ready to shoot at us if the
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a demonstration in the capitol of damascus. troops reportedly raided homes and made sweeping arrests, wounding at least 20 pro- democracy activists. this is amateur footage from last monday. it was the scene of the largest demonstration since the uprising against president al-assad began in march. joining us to discuss the situation in syria, a scholar and author from syria who himself has taken part in reform talks in the past. thank you for being with us. thank you. we know this area has seen some of the worst violence. why there? >> there's a history of unrest in the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's. this time is different because this time they have a critical mass. they are asking for the step down of the syrian regime. id is significant. -- it is significant. the history of the problems of the unrest toward the syrian regime -- this gives you a sense that' they will keep it as peaceful as it is keeping it is best for the president to set down. >> president assad has promised national dialogue. help serious are his promises? >> unless they withdraw all the troops from all the cities, we have mo
this to an event, 2nd kings 12. the king of damascus campaigned, captured god. >> many won't say their work proves the bible, thoord deny the facts on the ground, julie news, tel es-safi, israel. >>> egypt christians fighting for the future of their country. how they are teaming up with unlikely allies to help secure their freedom. >> protesters in egypt are calling for change. >> some believe the revolution is being hijacked by islamist. gary lane reports, country's coptic christians are joining the political fight from keep thatting from happening. >> another massive summertime protest in the square. this 1 after hosni mubarak. >> it is good news to go to the streets again. to protect the revolutions, muslim brotherhood hijacked the revolution. >> they are moving towards an islamic state. that is the belief of coptic spokesman magdy khalil and many other egyptians believe there is a political deal with the muslim brotherhood. >> they are looking to protect, their position, who can accept this situation. muslim brotherhood? muslim brotherhood won't look for plan to control whole egypt. >> magdy k
attacks against the american and french embassies in damascus. stock for injured and property were damaged and government supporters stormed the energy -- embassies on television. >> thousands of people have held a protest in cairo demanding the removal of egypt's ruling military council. the activist want faster political reform. the elections in september could be delayed. the wikileaks website founder has begun an appeal at against extradition from britain to sweden. he is accused of sexual offenses. his lawyers told the high court in london that the description of the charges were misleading and unfair. he denies any wrongdoing. still to come on the program, more on the u.k. phone-hacking scandal, what it means for media relationships around the world. >> breyer earth elements are crucial, but to controls the lion's share of production? police and guatemalans have arrested two men in the collection of argentine singer. he was one of the most respected folk singers. his car was ambushed. >> he gave voice to millions of the disenfranchised latin america is back on home soil. after his vi
on the u.s. and french embassies in damascus by mobs loyal to president assad. they were protesting u.s. and french support for antigovernment demonstrators. we asked president obama, today, about the attacks on the u.s. embassy in our interview at the white house. yesterday the u.s. embassy in damascus was attacked by a mob. i wonder what you say to the dictator in syria. >> well, you know, we have been very clear that what we've seen on the part of the syrian regime has been an unacceptable degree of brutality directed at its people. we've definitely sent a clear message that nobody can be messing with our embassy and we will take whatever actions necessary in order to protect our embassy and i think they've gotten that message, but more broadly, i think that increasingly you're seeing president assad lose legitimacy in the eyes of his people and that's why we have been working at an international level to make sure we keep the pressure up to see if we can bring some real change in syria. >> pelley: for its part, the syrian government is complaining about u.s. interference in its in
in damascus. >> it's the highest lottery prize ever offered in european history. >> perhaps with a big lottery win you buy a flash supercar or maybe perhaps a luxury home, possibly even a never-ending holiday of a lifetime. but better yet, what about buying the whole lot? because if you win the euro millions this week, there's no doubt you could afford it all. across europe, ticket sales are soaring, from spain to switzerland, ireland to france, people all over are trying their luck at winning the 185 million euro jackpot. this store in belgium, for instance, has seen an unprecedented surge of wannabe winners. >> i think it's one of the best weeks of the year. people came on more, and we're expecting the crazy day. >> the highest ever lottery win on european soil was in italy's super lotto two years ago. back then, one lucky ticket netted just under 148 million euros, but if tonight's jackpot is won by a single winner, that record will be smashed. but it won't just be good news for that person. the rules of euro millions don't allow the jackpot to grow beyond the 185 million euro, so any extra
of corruption within the karzai administration. >>> supporters stormed the u.s. and french embassies in damascus, wednesday. this, as secretary of state, hillary clinton, said assad has lost legitimacy in the wake of the country's brutal crackdown on protesters. >>> the justice department has issued new gun shop rules for the four southwestern border states requiring dealers to alert the federal government to frequent buyers of high-powered rifles. it's all part of an effort to stem the illicit flow of weapons into mexico. >>> two people were gored this morning, on the sixth day of spain's famous running of the bulls in pamplona. officials say one person suffered a horn injury to the back. while another was hit in the shoulder. >>> and a possible curve ball for the fan who caught derek jeter's 3,000th career hit and then graciously, surprisingly just threw the ball back to jeter. well "the new york times" reports christian lopez may have to pay tax on the value of his reward. which was four tickets to every yankees game for the rest of the season. no good deed goes unpunished. hopefully jeter is
national dialogue talks today, but a lot of the opposition didn't show up. arwa damon is in damascus and has this report for us. >> the syrian government promoting this conference as being the initial step to create the framework to implement the president's long promise reform, which include a multi-party system. to set the country on a new path of democracy, the government says. the conference opened by the syrian vice president who interestingly acknowledged that the conference was taking place in an atmosphere that is filled with suspicion. he also admitted that without the sacrifices, the bloodshed both on the civilian and the military side, this type of a dialogue would not be taking place. still, there was harsh criticism from the few opposition voices inside, especially criticizing what they are calling the government's excessive use of force. >> translator: the bloodshed needs to stop. yes, there are unauthorized protests, but is it a reason to use unjustified and excessive violence against these protests? the use of all types of excessive force is unjustified. >> reporter:
in damascus next. >> u.s. officials slammed the syrian regime today as tension between the countries reaches a new high. secretary of state hillary clinton had her strongest criticism of president assad yet. >> president assad is not indispensable and we have nothing invested in him remaining in power. our goal is to see that the will of the syrian people for a democratic transformation occurs. >> this, after protesters attacked the u.s. embassy in syria. arwa damon is in damascus and joins us with the latest. arwa, secretary of state clintden said we really have no interest in assad. we want the will of the people. today we see both. the people who are supporting assad and attacking the embassy and the demonstrators who want him out. how do we know what the real will of the people is? >> well, that's why it's always so challenging to report from a place like syria, e.d., because when we do go out into the streets in an official capacity, it is always in the presence of government minders. so when someone is even speaking about supporting the regime, it is tainted by the fact that the govern
their own people. but in damascus today those same forces did nothing as 300 people attacked the u.s. embassy and the u.s. ambassador's residence. members of the mob broke windows and defaced buildings with spray paint, threw eggs and tomatoes. it appear to be retaliation for the u.s. ambassador's show of support for those syrians calling for peaceful change in their country. a few hours ago hillary clinton condemned the syrian government's inaction during today's violence. >> we demand that they meet their international responsibilities immediately to protect all diplomats and the property of all countries. the assad regime will not succeed in deflecting the world's attention from the real story unfolding in syria. >> cnn's arwa damon is in damascus. i asked her how a security where the security apparatus is so tight that today's violence could have gone on and on and on. >> reporter: john, quite frankly, they haven't explained it just yet. we did reach out to them for official comment, but they said that they were fairly preoccupied with the national dialogue conference and did n
and crackdowns continued. thousands marched in damascus, as the capital braced for the state-directed violence that has wracked other parts of the country. demonstrations were also reported in qamishli, latakia, dera'a, idlib, homs and hama. at least 11 people were reported killed by security forces, including five overnight in homs, north of the capital. tanks were deployed to stop marchers in the besieged city. in all, according to human rights groups, since the protests began in march, more than 1,400 civilians have been killed. in hama today, the streets teemed with marchers. protests there have a special resonance-- it was the site of a massacre of at least 10,000 people in 1982, ordered by hafez al-assad, father of the current president. anthony shadid of "the new york times" was able to report from hama earlier this week. i talked to him from beirut this afternoon. anthony, take us into the city of hama. you describe a place feeling a kind of freedom for the first time. but a very tense one given its history. >> hama is serious is-- syria's fourth largest city, it's a significant place.
should recall our master from damascus and i call for that again today. the leader of the united states should never leave those willing to sacrifice their lives in the cause of freedom wondering where america stands. as president, i will not. we need a president who folia understands that american never leads from behind. we cannot underestimate how pivotal this moment is in the least tern history. we need decisive, clear right leadership that is responsive to this historical moment of change in ways that are consistent with our deepest principles and safeguards our vital interest. >> the government of the middle east fallen to four broad categories and each requires a different strategic approach. the first consists of three countries in various stages of transition toward democracy. before myrlie fake republics in egypt, tunisia, and libya. iraq is also in this category. for these countries, our goal should be to help promote freedom and democracy in the region. elections have produced anti- democratic regimes undermine both freedom and stability. we must do more than monitor polling
- government mons in syria on the u.s. and french embassies in damascus. the council called on the government to protect diplomatic properties. germany says it will push for a resolution against the syrian crackdown on anti-government protesters. >> for all those present here today. >> germany chairs the security council. on tuesday, they passed a german-sponsored resolution condemning the recruitment child soldiers. agreeing on a resolution against syria is another matter. germany has called on the council to condemn the regime of president bashar al-assad. >> germany, together with our other partners and especially our other european partners to work on a common resolution, on the resolution in the security council against the syrian regime. >> russia and china remain strongly opposed to action against syria. negotiations at the u.n. are continuing. anti-government protests show no sign of weakening. these are pictures from the country's third largest city. human rights activists and their say security forces shot dead at least 1 westchester early tuesday. >> russian authorities are facing
, but today, about 200 supporters of the assaad regime targeted the u.s. embassy building in damascus, throwing food, breaking windows and writing anti-american graffiti on the walls. the compound was protected by u.s. marines. when we come back here tonight, the moment all of greater los angeles has been dreading and it's almost here. >>> and later, someone who knew the betty ford we didn't always get to see, talks about her life and her legacy tonight. >>> now to the warning that has gone out to every californian for weeks, and the approaching event this week they are calling carmageddon. if you grow up somewhere else and you go to california, you're struck by the fact that they put the the before the highway number, like the 5, the 10, the 110. but carmageddon, that has to do with the 405, the major north-south freeway connecting the northern to the southern suburbs. they're about to close it to work on it and the fear is they will shut down l.a. or parts of it in the process. our report tonight from nbc's lee cowan. >> reporter: california's 405, three numbers that in los angeles
in damascus on monday smashing windows and spraying graffiti. this as secretary of state hillary clinton said assad has lost legitimacy in the wake of his country's brutal crackdown on protesters. >>> the justice department has issued new gun shop rules for the four southwestern border states, requiring dealers to alert the federal government to frequent buyers of high-powered rifles. it's part of an effort to stem the flow of weapons into mexico. >>> a possible curve ball for the fan that caught derek jeter's 3,000th career hit and returned the ball graciously. the "new york times" reports christian lopez may have to pay taxes on the value of his reward. four tickets to every yankees game for the rest of the season. >>> now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opened at 12,505 after falling yesterday. the s&p tumbled 24 points. the nasdaq sank 57. in tokyo the nikkei dropped 143 points, while in hong kong the hang seng lost a whopping 684. >>> stocks had their worst day in nearly a month monday as stalled budget talks in and italy's growing debt problem cent
thaci, he asked for peace. a raid by government troops near damascus. troops backed by tanks entered a town in syria and opened fire. the soldiers apparently believed the locals had supplied provisions to anti-government protesters. activists say the syrian army has also increased its presence in homs. video online also claims to show military reinforcements entering the city on tuesday. deutsche welle has learned that anian actors and film maker pegah ahangarani has been erased -- released on bail by authorities in tehran. she was about to come to germany to write about the women's soccer world cup for our farsi service when she was arrested in july. her uncle says her bail was equivalent to 58,000 euros. iran picked judiciary accuses her of making her an illegal propaganda film. speaking of money, time to talk about not having enough. that could be the case in the united states in a few days. >> the risk of default in the u.s. is rising as political deadlock continues in washington. investors are seeking safe havens like gold, which hit another all-time high on wednesday. failure t
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